LIN Supplier ID

According to ISO 17987-3 each LIN Slave shall be identified by the 5-byte LIN product identification parameter. It contains in the first two bytes the LIN Supplier ID. CiA assigns LIN Supplier ID uniquely on behalf of ISO.

Legacy LIN Supplier IDs are only listed after re-assignment by CiA. The Legacy IDs were assigned by different parties and not always updated. Nevertheless, it is guaranteed that all known Legacy IDs are reserved and will not be assigned to others.

If you like to order a new LIN Supplier ID or like to re-assign a Legacy ID, please download the registration form and submit it to lin[at]

LIN supplier ID Registered name
001Eh Vector Informatik GmbH
0021h Ingenieurgesellschaft Holzberg u. Riehemann mbH
00A9h Wilo SE
0136h Eberspaecher Climate Control Systems GmbH & Co. KG
00B0h Hanon Systems Deutschland GmbH
00B4h Oshino Electronics Estonia Oü
000Ah KAT Mekatronik Ürünleri A.S.
0009h Rochester Gauges, Inc.
000Dh Kolektor Group d.o.o
000Ch Cemm Thome SK, spol s.r.o
000Eh Elausa Electronica I Automatismes S.L.
005Bh Volvo Truck Corporation
000Fh SBS-Feintechnik GmbH & Co. KG
00AEh LG Chem
005Dh Grundfos Operations A/S
0010h ebm-papst Landshut GmbH
005Eh Multimatic Technical Centre, a division of Multimatic Inc.
006Ah Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.
0058h Sanken Electric Co.,Ltd
006Bh Kvaser AB
006Ch Peak-System Technik GmbH
005Fh Nidec GPM GmbH
006Dh Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America