ISO 17987 in revision

ISO TC22 SC31 Working Group 3 is going to revise Part 1 to Part 7 of ISO 17987 (LIN standards) regarding inclusive language and submitted findings. Read more

Orders for sample hydrogen recirculation blowers

As development partner for aspects of fuel cell-related technology, Rheinmetall has just received orders for sample hydrogen recirculation blowers (HRB). The used non-sensor-controlled brushless motor features LIN communication and diagnosis functions. Read more

LIN, Classical CAN, and CAN FD simulation kit

Warwick Control Technologies has released a kit that allows users to simulate LIN, Classical CAN, and CAN FD devices and networks. It can also be used to simulate devices and networks for J1939, NMEA 2000, and CANopen higher-layer protocols. Read more

Transition to British distributor

The company Control Technologies UK has taken over the distribution of Peak-System products in Great Britain. Peak focuses on the field buses LIN, Classical CAN, and CAN FD. Read more

Multi-channel board with LIN connectivity

HMS Networks extended its Ixxat PC-interface portfolio with the multi-channel board CAN-IB 640/PCIe for automotive test systems and industrial applications. It offers four channels each for LIN and CAN FD/Classical CAN connectivity. Read more