LIN standards and specifications

LIN (Local Interconnect Network) is a serial bus system. Since 2016, it is standardized internationally by ISO. The ISO 17987 series covers the requirements of the seven OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) layers and the corresponding conformance test plans. There is also a powerline transmission standardized:

In the ISO 17987-7 conformance test plan are some inconsistencies with the ISO 17987-4 standard. They will be solved with the next systematic review of these documents, which will start in 2021. The conformity issues are described here and a proposal how to solve them is given, too.

Additionally, the SAE organization provides the J2602 series of recommended practices, how to implement LIN. These documents are under review and will reference the ISO 17987 series.

Brief history of LIN

The LIN Consortium developed the first LIN specification, which was published as version 1.3. Version 2.0 was released in 2003. In 2006, the LIN Consortium published the version 2.1, which can be download here.

The LIN version 2.2A from 2010 was released after the LIN consortium was closed, but it is one of the most implemented versions. You can download it here.

In parallel, the SAE organization developed the J2602 series; it was published in 2004. The in 2012 updated documents are based on LIN version 2.0.